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Women, Theology, Leadership, and Power: Lessons From Our Past for Leadership Today | Get a taste of seminary 

Wednesday, November 2nd, 1-4PM


Join Northern Seminary professors Dr. Lynn Cohick and Dr. Ingrid Faro for an intensive 3-hour session on leadership and theology. Drs. Cohick and Faro are esteemed scholars whose work includes a focus on women in Scripture and the ancient world. As sought after speakers and academics, Lead Bold is pleased to offer their voices to our conversation on leadership. 


Women today stand in a tradition of strength and power that they often do not realize exists. Throughout history, contributions of women have been muted or silenced. In our time together, we will learn more about the vision, power, and voice of these ancient women and discover the timeless lessons their leadership provides for us today.


If you have ever considered attending seminary but wondered if theological education was for you, this pre-conference opportunity allows you to get a taste of seminary and discover more about what a seminary degree could do for your leadership. Attendees can join us just to enjoy the session, receive a Continuing Education Credit (CEU), or take this course for seminary credit towards a graduate certificate or degree.

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Option 1: No Credit

Enjoy the teaching of Drs. Lynn Cohick and Ingrid Faro. No credit.


Option 2: CEU

Receive 1 CEU for attendance at this session and the Lead Bold Conference. Continuing Education Credit is geared for pastors and ministry leaders wanting training related to biblical studies and leadership. 

$50 + cost of 1 CEU (paid to Northern)

Option 3: Seminary Credit

Receive course credit towards a graduate certificate or degree at Northern Seminary. Course requirements include: attendance at pre-conference intensive, attendance at the Lead Bold Conference, and completion of post-conference assignments.

$50 + tuition cost for course credit (paid to Northern)


Dr. Lynn Cohick

Lynn H. Cohick (Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania) is Provost/Dean of Academic Affairs at Northern Seminary. Prior to coming to Northern Seminary, Lynn served as Provost of Denver Seminary. She was Professor of New Testament at Wheaton College and taught at Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology in Nairobi, Kenya. She serves as President of the Institute for Biblical Research. Her books include The Letter to the Ephesians in NICNT (2020); Christian Women in the Patristic World: Their Influence, Authority, and Legacy in the Second through the Fifth Centuries (co-authored with Amy Brown Hughes (2017); Philippians in the Story of God Commentary (2013); Ephesians in New Covenant Commentary (2010); Women in the World of the Earliest Christians (2009).

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Dr. Ingrid Faro

Ingrid Faro, Ph.D., M.Div. is Coordinator of the MA in Old Testament program at Northern Seminary in Lisle, Illinois with Jerusalem University College. Her Ph.D. is in Theological Studies, with concentration in Old Testament and Semitic Languages from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, Illinois. Ingrid is a writer and international speaker at conferences and churches on topics including navigating evil and suffering, lament, abuse and power dynamics, women in the Bible and ministry, Genesis, Ecclesiastes, forgiveness, and leadership. Ingrid is the author of Evil in Genesis, co-author of Honest Answers, and forthcoming, Deconstructing Evil. 


Previously, Ingrid worked as an entrepreneur in health insurance and in the field of nutrition with a Master’s degree in the associated medical sciences from the University of Illinois in Chicago. She is a mother and grandmother. Ingrid loves deep conversations with family, friends, and strangers, outdoor sports, art, and time in nature.

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