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Andrea Coli
Antionette Brookins
Chaya Pitcher
Christine Youn Hung
Elaine Briefman
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Kim Curtis
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Tania Martin
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Zakiyyeh Hill


Friday 10AM-4PM and Saturday 10AM-4PM

Check back for a detailed schedule as we get closer to the conference.



The Unseen Strengths that can Make

or Break Your Ministry 

(Chaya Pitcher)


Ministry demands are real and if we are to lead in healthy, sustainable ways, we must strengthen our ministry muscles. This is more than having the best intentions. The real work involves prioritizing practices that strengthen us. The tools we’ll explore in this workshop will help you gain perspective even when ministry is hard, hold ministry loosely even when things aren’t going as planned, and strip away the extras even when they are tempting to hold onto.  But don’t be fooled…these strengths are not so “unseen” afterall! They show up when you need them, but the work of building them starts today.

Fireproof: How to Avoid the Burn (and Burnout) of Ministry Demands

(Antionette Brookins)


Christian leadership is a calling that demands much from those who have committed to it. Although the responsibilities of ministry can be deeply fulfilling they can also be intensely demanding and those demands make us feel the burn…and the burnout! If ministry is to continue, then we who are called to minister must find a way to be sustained. This workshop aims to address the common challenges faced by Christian leaders—stress, burnout, and the ongoing quest for balance. We’ll focus on how you can find both fulfillment and sustainability in your ministry. You’ll come away with practical insights that will help you lead effectively without sacrificing your health and overall well-being. 


Empowering Voices: Communicating with Confidence and Clarity 

(Elaine Briefman)


As a woman in ministry you are using your voice. Whether you are on a stage with a microphone, leading a meeting or in a one-on-one ministry conversation, your unique voice is being heard. So it only makes sense that you wisely steward your one and only voice! This dynamic workshop is designed to help you effectively communicate your vision, teachings and testimony. You’ll identify what may be blocking your voice, and learn how to grow beyond what’s in your way. You’ll come away with practical strategies to hone your communication skills and you’ll be equipped with the tools to communicate effectively and inspire those you’ve been called to lead.

When Faith Meets Trauma: Creating a Safe Space for All

(Christine Youn Hung)


If you were to take a guess as to how many adults have experienced at least one traumatic event in their lifetime, what would that number be? Would you say almost half? Or possibly two out of three people? According to the National Council of Mental Wellbeing, that number is closer to 70%! That means it is highly likely the people sitting in your pews, around your conference table, on your volunteer teams, or on your staff have been traumatized or know someone who has. Yet, faith leaders are rarely informed on how to lead in ways that are sensitive to trauma. They often have not been trained to develop spaces conducive for wellbeing rather than retraumatization. This workshop explores Jesus’ model of trauma-responsive ministry and offers practical applications for how to lead likewise. 


New This

Discussion Rooms

Connect, Learn, and Lead with Confidence

At Lead Bold, we know the power of connection and shared experience. That's why our Discussion Rooms are designed to be more than just networking – they're a springboard for meaningful dialogue, growth, and inspiration 

Share your experiences and learn from fellow ministry leaders

Ask questions, gain new perspectives, and discover fresh solutions

Be inspired and empowered to lead with greater confidence

Choose Your Path:

This year, we offer five focused discussion themes led by seasoned facilitators who will not only share their expertise but also guide a dynamic conversation.

  • Men and Women in Ministry Together: Navigate the unique opportunities and challenges of collaborative ministry.

  • Leading as a New, Young, or Less-Experienced Leader: Gain confidence and practical strategies for thriving in a leadership role.

  • Single in Ministry: Explore the joys and considerations of being single while leading in a faith-based setting.

  • Allyship, Diversity, and Inclusion: Foster a welcoming and empowering ministry environment for all.

  • Leading a Non-profit: Sharpen your skills and gain valuable insights for effective non-profit leadership.

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I feel like Lead Bold is having the conversations we’re often afraid to have as women in leadership and it’s so inspiring. ~ Conference Attendee


CrossWinds Church

1660 Freisman Rd.

Livermore, CA 94551

We don’t have a conference hotel, but there are several wonderful hotels in Livermore, including the Residence Inn and Homewood Suites which are .5 mi from the conference location.


Student Price-------------------------------$99

Early Bird Price (Ends July 8)---------$119

Group Price (5+)-------------------------$139

Regular Price-----------------------------$159

For groups larger than 10, contact us for special group pricing.

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