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Equipping women leaders in ministry to be refueled, revived, and refocused.

Lead Bold Conferences


You are a leader. You are a woman who ministers. For some, we’ve known since we were girls that we are leaders. For some, we want nothing more than to live fully in this calling. For some, this role has come with twists and turns, bumps and detours. But for all of us, God’s invitation to leadership has marked us. So, to you who continue to say Yes to what’s ahead, Lead Bold is for you!


During the conference you will experience:

  • inspiring main sessions

  • insightful workshops

  • dynamic discussion groups

  • and even soul-enriching personal reflection time


And maybe best of all, you will experience community with other female ministry leaders who “get you” and are ready to embolden you to reach your God-given leadership potential.


As ministry leaders both in and out of the church, we sometimes carry the burdens of those we lead, which means we NEED Lead Bold as a partner to help us avoid burnout, and to recharge and refresh us as leaders. I love the support, encouragement, practical helps and tangible resources Lead Bold offers, because I know I cannot do this alone. There's more to the story of leadership than "human-measured" success or failure, and Lead Bold reminds me of that every single time. ~Susy

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Past Conferences

To get a feel for what a Lead Bold Conference is like, take a peek at previous years.

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